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We offer custom solutions and consultancy how to go about specific problems in unique manner. There are no two same problems or two same clients and each solution is custom tailored to fit the client like a nice suit.

Web Development

Do you need a custom web solution or do you have and startup idea maybe and looking for someone with know-how knowledge and experience to make it happen? We can transform your ideas...

Wordpress Development

WordPress is not just a blogging tool but a powerful platform to create custom web pages, web-shop solutions and connect to your visitors easily using modern marketing tools and analyti...

Design & Wireframing

We offer visual branding solutions for you! The whole 9 yards, wireframing ideas, creating mockups and full design and integration into live style guide libraries that support frontend develop...

Education & Mentoring

We believe sharing knowledge and helping people to understand world around them is essential not only in professional but also in personal lives. That's the reason we offer free education via our YouTube channel...

Mobile Apps

Do you know there are 3.5 billion users of smartphone devices around the world? You want to miss that opportunity? Do you know what's the difference between native apps, web apps and progressive web apps...

Something Else?

We can reefer a trustworthy company or associate if the solution you seek is not in our domain of knowledge. We believe creating a circle of connections that help each other is crucial in creating long lasting stable business partnerships.

Why choose us?


  1.  Cheap! No we are not, we are professionals and provide know-how skills for a fair price.
  2.  Reliable! Yes, we will do the promised work on time and will NOT breach any type of NDA agreement.
  3. Knowledgable!  Yes, teaching and mentoring would not be possible without constantly investing time and money into education and learning.
  4.  Versatile!  Yes, we integrate the available technology with your business needs and ideas.
  5.  Experienced! We are a team of senior professionals with decades of combined experience in remote work.

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